Thursday, November 15, 2007

Darling Little Hats!

My friends Alison and Tom seem to like having their baby's in October. Their daughter Anna was born in October and they are expecting their second baby (a boy) then as well. So seeing as I wanted to knit some cute stuff for new baby Sam I knew I had to make something for little Anna's birthday too. The result was the charming little Tea Cosey Elf Hat from Charmed Knits for Sam, and the adorable Luggy Bonnet from Weekend Knits for Anna. A verson of the Luggy Bonnet was knit up for baby Harry to wear in the first Harry Potter movie but was never you can see there is a sort of a Harry Potter theme going on. Which is fitting considering Alison and Tom just moved to Canterbury, England. I think warm little hats will be perfect there this time of year. Best of all I was able to make the Luggy Bonnet using yarn from my stash! Harah. Now I just have to find something to do with all the rest of it : P

Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitted Wig

Stayed up way to LATE last night to knit the Hallowig from for my friend Helen's birthday. I think she will look darling and very retro in it. I used bright blue wool yarn I scavenged from an old Gap sweater and I think it turned out good. I have very found memories of this sweater. Lauren and I bought identical sweaters at the old Gap on University Ave. the one day it snowed during college. So it makes me happy that it will live on a something new.

I had trouble with the pattern though. T
he cast off method it calls for just does not look good, I can't believe that is really how the wig in the picture was done. Instead I did a circular cast off, like for a hat just sort of decreasing each round. It looks much better!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Knit1 Cropped Cardigan

It may still be 100 degrees out here in lovely Tucson, but as I always still associate back to school with the start of autumn I am gearing up for cool weather knitting. I just got the yarn to make the Summer '06 cropped cardi from Knit1. I am using Lion's Brand Wool-Ease, not the best yarn by any means, but I like their avocado and best of all I like the price ; ) After my last sweater, the Monet Water Lilly Top from Interweave, which cost over $100 to make, I like the less than $20 I spent on the Wool-Ease.

I plan to knit my gauge swatches tonight while watching the BBC adaptation of The Murder Room by PD James. It stars the very sexy Martin Shaw so it should keep my mind off of how much I hate having to check the gauge. I never seem to be able to get it with the needles the pattern calls for! More often than not I find my self running up to purls to get a new pair of Addi Turbos. I think soon I might just end up with one of every possible needle-I have already taken to keeping them in a gardening bucket!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I have gone back and forth about writing a knitting blog for what seems an age now. The desire to post and share was great. I would look at other peoples lovely knitting blogs and think that I should have one too. But the conundrum was always do I spend my time bloging or do I use that time to knit? So, until now I have remained with out a blog. But now I need one to participate in a knitted bag exchange so here goes. I will post a few recent projects but expect more to come! Hope you enjoy....