Saturday, November 29, 2008

Backyard Leaves Scarf

I have been bad about knitting and blogging lately. I think the kids at school have given up on my school blog, all three of them that ever visited it regularly in the first place that is ; ) I have had two projects in a state of half completion for ages and ages now and a blog post half written about one of them. I had a resolution to not start new projects until the old were finished and I just can't seem to pick either up again. So I am left with 90% of a ribbon yarn sweater and one sock. I think that just about sums up life right now.

I did break my resolution though, Christmas presents don't knit themselves. I made Lauren, who has come to expect knitted goods, the Backyard Leaves Scarf from Interweave's Scarf Style. I think it turned out OK as long as you don't look to close ; ) I tried this pattern about a year ago and could not figure it out, don't ask why it is an easy enough now. Still I feel a sense of accomplishment that I was able to go back and knit it. I used the leftover avacado yarn from my Knit1 cropped cardigan. I am not a fan of wool-ease yarns, but I am happy to have busted some yarn from my stash and the color worked well. I will post pictures but not until after I buy my new computer. The old one is off to be recycled in a hopefully eco friendly way. I now have to begin frantic knitting on the Cathedral Afghan for Sandy. Hopefully the scarf was a knitted lace warm up and now I can knit the afghan up quick! You would think I did not know Christmas was coming the way I leave everything to the last minute.