Saturday, January 5, 2008

Berry Tart Baby Hat

This charming baby hat pattern comes from Knitty. When my friend Alison found out she was pregnant I was elated. At last a baby to knit for! I immediately began looking patterns and fell in love with this one. Then we found out she was having a boy! I decided that he could hate me later and made it anyway. I then found out that my friends Nicki and Rob were expecting a girl, and knew that I was meant to be making this hat for them.

I substituted Bernat Satin in Camel (04010) and Raisin (04307). Bernat Satin has the advantage of being machine washable, which I think is highly desirable in anything meant for a baby. The only complaint I have is that the yarn seemed to stick to it's self which might be why I found the bobble pattern a pain to work. Or maybe it was all those knit three together! I used bamboo needles, but I think I would look for a needle with a really sharp hard point if I were to do bobbles again.

Knit 1 Copped Cardigan Finished!

I finished this over the summer. It is my first sweater that involved blocking and seeming together the pieces, and I am moderatly pleased with it. I have worn it once, which I guess by my standards is good. However, my sister liked it so much that I knitted her one in red for Christmas. I did a much better job blocking the second time around, so I think she will be able to get a lot of wear out of it. While it was exciting making the sweater the first time around, I was really ready be done with it the second time around. I started it in September and still did not have it finished in time for Christmas! I just could not bring myself to work on it for the longest time. I think it actually started a knitting slump, where everything else I was working on began to go wrong as well! I think I ripped out and reknit a pair of socks a dozen times. It was horrible, horrible! ; ) But now the sweater is finished and I am happy and have moved on to other things.

On the tecnical side of things, I made mine out of Lion's Brand Wool-Ease in avacado and made the smallest size. I made Maya's out of Pattons Classic Murano, and made the next size larger. Both used a skein less yarn then the pattern called for. From the pattern it seems like the side panels are not meant to be blocked, they don't give any dimensions. On the first one I knit I had to block them after the sweater was sewn to make it not bunch, but it did not work to well. I blocked them to length of the side seems before hand on the red one and it worked much better. So, if you are interested in making this sweater, block the side panels!

A New Year And A Good Time For Resolutions

I'll admit it right up front, I am horrible about keeping new years resolutions, but I am going to make some this year anyway, and a couple of them concern knitting. The first, which I really do intend to keep is to knit my way through my yarn stash before it gets out of control. This is actually something I began this summer so I have a good start on it already! The other is to be better about posting to this my horribly neglected knitting blog. This one is a little shaky. I hate to post without pictures and my computer issues have made me bad about uploading my photos to it. But I plan to get things straightened out, so fingers crossed here, I will be better.

What to expect from the year to come? Well, I know that this year will hold lots of pet projects. Just before Christmas we got a new addition to our family, a little corgi puppy! His name is Rhys, Welsh for ardent, and he is a foxy little fellow. He keeps me on my toes and needs a never ending supply of new toys to keep him amused. So expect dog toys and (much to his dismay) darling dog clothes.