Saturday, January 5, 2008

Berry Tart Baby Hat

This charming baby hat pattern comes from Knitty. When my friend Alison found out she was pregnant I was elated. At last a baby to knit for! I immediately began looking patterns and fell in love with this one. Then we found out she was having a boy! I decided that he could hate me later and made it anyway. I then found out that my friends Nicki and Rob were expecting a girl, and knew that I was meant to be making this hat for them.

I substituted Bernat Satin in Camel (04010) and Raisin (04307). Bernat Satin has the advantage of being machine washable, which I think is highly desirable in anything meant for a baby. The only complaint I have is that the yarn seemed to stick to it's self which might be why I found the bobble pattern a pain to work. Or maybe it was all those knit three together! I used bamboo needles, but I think I would look for a needle with a really sharp hard point if I were to do bobbles again.

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